Daily Prompt: Breath

Breath: the ability to breathe freely. This is Merriam-Webster’s second listed definition of breath. And this Sunday morning I identify completely as I inhale and exhale the calmness surrounding me.

There exists a stand up straight, shoulders back, weight loss, ready to conquer attitude that takes over  when the Friday, Saturday, Sunday sequence arrives. Friday finds me waking with a ‘ready to take on the world’ attitude because it is (sort of) the last day of the week so bring it on, I say! When Saturday wakes me I’ve slowed a bit and can fulfill my mental ‘to-do’ list sans scheduling considerations. By the time Sunday floats in, I feel my shoulders lower and my breaths more deliberate. I breathe more freely.

The word productive rarely enters my cerebral vocabulary on a Sunday. This day is for reading, writing and exploration. Appreciating nature, taking note of my surroundings, becoming lost in someone else’s creative thoughts ultimately makes me climb within and become aware of my own self, allowing me to breathe freely.  This is a good thing.

Happy Sunday to all my blogging friends and may you all breathe freely.

My response to the Daily Prompt, Breath.


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