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I am so happy to bring you a random, eclectic, and colorful collection of doors located on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall and the businesses behind them. My photos represent a smattering of what this varied community offers to you, the consumer, architect admirer, or door lover. I hope you enjoy the tour and encourage you to visit if you’ve not been here already.


The Virginia Discovery Museum…My children spent many hours here when they were young.


Baggby’s…where we’d lunch following our romp at the museum next door.


The Nook…something old.


Draft TapRoom…something new!


Lynne Goldman Elements….many things shiny, for you and your home. They have great taste and pass it on to you!


Red Pump Kitchen, a yummy dinner menu that changes with the seasons.


Timberlake Pharmacy, they have tasty milkshakes at their soda fountain at the back of the store!


Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint…All these doors open up when the weather is nice. You NEED to see the inside of this fun and yummy burger joint!


Oyster House Antiques…such a neat place to explore. You can feel the energy flowing over before you enter their doors.


Cinema Taco, a taco place right next to the cinema house for quick eats. And their eats are delish!


Bittersweet…where you can find clothes, jewelry, shoes, or pretty little things for pretty little spaces in your home.


Roxie Daisy…I cannot pass up this store when I am on the downtown mall. One of my favorite places to browse, sniff candles, or pick up a card. I will always find something here for me or a friend.


The Mudhouse is a very popular coffee-house where locals meet up and catch up! And the mud is yum.


Visit Miller’s for live music while you eat. A downtown mall favorite for local musicians, some of whom you may know…♥


Hamilton’s… I have enjoyed many lunches and dinners here ever the years.


Old Metropolitan Hall…an event hall ready for your private party!


rock paper scissors…pretty cards, pens, stationery and so much more! Their door was open yesterday, as were many on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall.  I felt the business owners welcoming me inside to escape the heat of the day and the distractions that have pounced on our pedestrian mall these past few days. Because of the swarming media, I was unable to deliver more photos so I am providing  this link listing the many businesses of the downtown mall.

And as always, to explore more door photos from door lovers around the globe visit Norm Frampton’s blog here. Happy Thursday y’all. ☮


  1. My daughter lived in Charlottesville for less than a year and the one time we went to visit her we spent most of our free time outside of the city. We went downtown for dinner one night but only made it as far as a crowded restaurant on Water St. on a Saturday night! It was a beautiful and quaint little city before the “riot” that I would like to visit again, especially now that you have shown some of the other local places to check out. I was especially impressed by the Unity Charlottesville signs that I saw in many of your shots. Like Knoxville, your city (and most college towns) are thankfully welcoming and open-minded.

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  2. Happy you did your post this way – this is the Charlotsville you know and live in! Love to go to the Mud cafe,and the rock paper scissors place. The red pump kitchen sounds like a lovely food place to me!

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  3. We have a Jack Brown’s in our downtown as well. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made my way down to the pedestrian mall up there. We’ll be up for a soccer tournament over Labor Day weekend. I’m sure it’ll be pretty busy given that it’s also UVA’s opener and they’re playing William & Mary!

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  4. Thank you for sharing this! With all the negativity that has occurred around this beautiful city – you helped bring a bright light and experience ! Your pictures are lovely and makes me to go right now!

    Thanks again !! Much needed!

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