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Too small to explore

Your garden world out beyond.

Seeking refuge still.

Sadly, this tiny guy seems to be alone in my front garden lariope. In three days I’ve not seen a larger rabbit nearby, however the nest is up against my house so I am hopeful mother is in the vicinity watching over her baby.


    • Thank you Judy. I am a lazy gardener this season. I bought more lavender with the intention ofIreplacing tthat which finally died off after six plentiful years in a sunny spot in my front yard. Instead, I plopped them in my window boxes, next will add ‘something else’ and be done. Hope lavender will thrive in this medium.

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  1. We have looked into this before. Apparently, they are capable of dealing with life on their own at this point. We had two in our yard, this small and smaller, and they are thriving. No sign of mom.

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