“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I am inspired by three sites. The first is a writing challenge from SixWordMemoir you can find here. One of my favorite sites, I visit often to read the quirky and colorful thoughts of fellow writers who also enjoy the art of efficiently condensing their thoughts into a perfect bundle of six cohesive words. My best writing advice? The same advice we’ve all heard repeatedly; “Write the words of your heart.” It is usually true for me, when I write what I know, what I feel, I find these words to possess clarity, strength and conviction.

I am also inspired by FredPhilips and his October 27th post My Journey with Parkinson’s. As I read his words and how he finds many reasons to be positive throughout his ‘setback’ with Parkinson’s, he reminds us all to seek out the wonder surrounding us and to embrace the positive in our days and not focus on the negative. His was not a long, wordy post and does not need to be. Just as Six Word Memoirs pack a punch with their brevity, so does FredPhilips.

Thank you both for your inspiration today. On the days when I need uplifting I listen to the song  I Lived by OneRepublic. Until today I only knew the music and lyrics and marveled at how they dipped into my soul speaking directly to me. I’ve adopted it as my personal anthem but now having seen the video I know that someone else, someone who truly needs these words even more than I, has also found this song to be his own.  Now when I listen to this great song I will not only revel in the ethereal side effects but hope that somewhere Bryan is getting his high, too.

May both Fred and Bryan possess clarity, strength and conviction always…


    • It is an excellent anthem on so many levels! Can’t imagine finding a replacement, but if/when I do I’ll let ya know and we can compare notes. Thanks for your feedback Kelly…and GREAT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!


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