CFFC: (Many) Signs!

While visitng Arizona earlier in May, I was fascinated by the many signs . It is difficult, but I will only post four for Cee’s Foto Challenge…

How kind, the folks in Jerome actually provide a sign (and arrow) directing you to their Ghost Town…and it is open daily!!!jerome ghost town

How many signs can you identify in this one photo? I did not realize what I’d captured until at home and browsing through my images.jerome how many signs

In Scottsdale, at my feet, I found this sign.scottsdale signs 1

But my favorite sign of all is the one I placed at Patties 1st Avenue Lounge in Scottsdale. It only cost a buck!!!

scottsville eville woman dollar bill

My response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Signs.


  1. I’ve heard about Jerome before, from some ghost hunting FB friends. I wish you’d captured something on your camera. I’ve tried here in my own house, but nothing, even though I’ve had experiences here and other places. …Now I’m counting 9 signs? 🙂

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    • Hi Barbara, and thanks for taking a look at my photos and blog site. There are MORE than eight signs in that one pic…BTW, while in Jerome, I stayed at the (haunted) Jerome Grand Hotel where sadly NOTHING ghostly or eery happened to our party of six. Took lots of fotos hoping for at least an orb or two and not one. I have more happening here in E’ville than in that GhostTown!!! haha Thanks again for visiting.

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