DayLight’s Journey

Still quiet, this day has not yet announced herself and I embrace the solitude. Inhaling steamy coffee fumes, my eyes flutter to capture this overcast morning revealing herself. On her own terms she lifts the darkness from the nests showing birds to berries, deer to streams, and rabbits to clover as they prepare for their days. I imagine the world unfolding beyond my own back porch nest as I instinctively stretch and unfold with the coming of my day.

Cat begins her bathing routine as she ignores the morning clutch feeding and chirping above her head. Dog inquisitively surveys her property cataloging all who have trespassed in the night.

Once fully awake we all will venture into the daylight doing what it is we do and then, with the casting of shadows, will gather back here at days end.  She will put us all to bed, folding her beams about herself to rest behind darkness, and will rise tomorrow to announce herself once more.

And so begins DayLight’s journey.


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