Thursday Doors-Home

I venture not far for my very favorite door this week. Beyond this door are remnants of much laughter collected over ten years by all who have gathered here. Across its threshold many have entered, leaving fond memories I will cherish as I enter a new chapter of my life. I have welcomed strangers through this door who have left as newfound friends. Waving good-bye to this door, my young children embarked upon their college careers to open new doors of their own. And it is at this very same door I wait for their return and to hear of their adventures and to see  with my own eyes their newfound personal growth and maturity, proof of the importance of our engaging family time that took place behind this door.

Most importantly there is much love behind this beautiful door. If it could breathe the life within its confines, I do think it would inhale and exhale deeply during those times when our family is all together under the same roof. There is lively talk of what’s next  and for whom, how to accomplish those goals, who is right, who is wrong, let’s plan dinner, someone pick a movie and let’s watch it TOGETHER, the gang is coming over…Yes, this door is my favorite of all because it is the door to my home and the door to my heart. Welcome!

our door


My response to Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.


  1. It’s a beautiful door and I like the comment about “If it could breathe … I do think it would inhale and exhale deeply during those times when our family is all together”. It implies home is where the heart of the family resides and that just feels right ❤

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