Thursday Birdhouse Doors

Here it is already Thursday, my now favorite day of the week. Norm, a fellow WordPress blogger, hosts a challenge on his site each Thursday inviting all to post pictures of doors. Appropriately, it is named Thursday Doors. Some of you may find this a bit odd but to those of us with a door ‘fetish’ we find this challenge dreamy! I never thought about my passion for doors to be anything more than that, my own passion, until I stumbled upon Norm’s site. I had no idea so many others shared my inquisitive eye for this inanimate object most don’t think twice about once they pass through. I feel as though I take a trip around the world each week as I peek through my fellow blogger’s photos of colorful, old, wooden, iron dressed, dilapidated, garden-gated, off-the-beaten-path, historic beloved doors.

When I travel this is the most exciting time to explore and photograph doors. I could walk around a town and photograph doors all day long. But as Norm warns, we must be respectful to those who live behind those doors. So far I’ve not had any issues while photographing but once did explain what I was doing to one person who popped out just before I took my picture. He was fine and told me to snap away. And I did.

I hope you will take time to visit some of the entries this week (and past) to Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door challenge. May you feel a bit more relaxed afterward!

This week, I found these sweet doors rather inviting…to the right guests.

“Come downstairs for tea,” said the wren to the chickadee.


And of course, this doorscursion (Norm’s term!) would not be complete without this…


What bird wouldn’t love this red house? Rent is cheep!

My response to Norm 2.0’s challenge, Thursday Doors.


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