The Shiny Season


Decorated trees with round, glass orbs reflecting back at me the twinkling magic of Christmas.

Slick roads whose surfaces gleam smooth with their night time coating of ice blown in by winter winds.

A child’s eyes full of mischief and wonder watching for Santa from his hidey spot atop the stairs.snowy-nose

The snorting, snowy nose playfully begging for just one more!

Tiny packages adorned with crisp, shimmering ribbons.

Red dressed lips patiently waiting below the mistletoe.

Silver bells ringing alongside familiar red kettles signaling the season of giving and sharing.

Candlesticks burning brightly in neighborhood windows.

The special book that reshapes your heart when you read it (again) each season.


Icy branches newly dressed in their winter jackets glisten as they greet the morning.

Sparkly reindeer food of oats and glitter eagerly prepared by tiny hands, sprinkled with love on Christmas eve.

Girlfriends with many years of ELF magic and Christmas spirit in their hearts.20161217_140653.jpg

May the Shiny Season find you…


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