Thursday Bakery Doors

Today I visited my very favorite cupcake shop with my sister who was visiting from Richmond. We hung around to eat our purchases and I discovered within the cutest door I’ve never noticed before…

sweethaus is a local bakery & café located in Charlottesville that creates yummy and lovely cupcakes that I find to be the best in town. I was shocked to see a FOR RENT sign in the window but quickly found out they are simply relocating to a new spot later this month. I am thrilled they are not moving far – I wonder if this cute door will move, too?

This post is inspired by Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors  weekly challenge. If you want to see an eclectic collection of door photos posted by friends of Norm, head on over to his blog. You won’t be disappointed!


    • They have those, too! I had the birthday cake cupcake…it was my birthday afterall!!! I have been celebrating for seven days and now I must stop. I have officially eaten TOO MUCH SUGAR ♥


    • I agree. That shop is so adorable. I do hope the new space embraces everything (and more!) this quaint spot has going on. I’m very excited to have yet ANOTHER reason to visit them…twice in one month!

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  1. Love the spoon handles. I used to make bracelets out of forks and spoons. Your photo has me thinking cutlery bent into shape might be a nice idea for our kitchen cupboard doors, when we get round to refitting it.


    • Jean, I have seen true cabinet handles made from cutlery and they are fantastic if not overdone. They were all different, and I think that is what made the whole look work. I hope you will post your kitchen project when you decide to reno.

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      • It might be a while before I get round to the kitchen, we’ve only just replaced the roof. Working our way down from the top, lol! But I’ll post photographs of those handles if I go ahead with it. 🙂

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