Have some scents

She smells her past as she enters the room

her yesterdays rush forward and upon her they loom.

A collision of sweetness, innocence, and lace

brings forgotten softness and smiles to her face.

Her bed still dressed with animals and dolls

bookshelves overstuffed – now one of them falls

As she grabs for her favorite, she tucks it aside

for a later read, through the pages she’ll glide.

She fingers her desk and the memories it keeps

diaries and loose pages, in the drawers she peeps.

Her senses are taking a journey to where

her much younger self practiced poetry there.

The top of her desk is smooth, yet etched

with handwriting of prose and the occasional sketch.

Her eyes flutter closed, she inhales her past

breathing energy and musk, as if it can last.

To bottle the scents of who we once were

our dreams still fresh, our footing still sure.

And breathe it all in when needing a lift

our answer to aging- oh, what a gift!

Inspired by the Word Press One Word Daily Prompt – Scent.


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