Thursday Ordinary Doors

Michie Tavern, circa 1933

What’s that you say, Ordinary doors? An ordinary is a tavern or eating house…you would know this if you lived in the 1700’s. Last Saturday, and annually near January 26th, my sister and I celebrate our mother’s birthday by meeting for lunch at a once favorite spot of hers. She enjoyed the simple southern fare, it never changes throughout the seasons and you always know what to expect. She liked that.

We and our husbands gathered again at Michie Tavern, a Virginia historic michie-tavern-earlysvillelandmark located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Originally built as a residence in 1772 by William Michie, he later expanded it to become a tavern and eventually an ordinary during the 1780’s.  At this time the structure was located on Buck Mountain Road, only a few miles from where I live in Earlysville. According to history, the tavern remained active until the mid 1800’s.  Here the structure remained until 1927 when new owners Mr. and Mrs. Mark Henderson bought Michie Tavern. (note: photo borrowed from Roy Wheeler Realty)

Soon the structure was dismantled piece by piece, numbered, transported, and re-assembled at its new and current site 17 miles away on route 53 near Monticello. Mrs. Henderson realized this road was better travelled due to the growing national interest in Monticello and as a result, more visitors to the historic tavern she would re-open as a museum.

Today Michie Tavern serves midday fare 363 days a year and is open 11:30 – 3:00 daily. To read more about the history of Michie Tavern, go here and here.

And now, the doors…



Close-up of main door into the Ordinary


Of course there is a gift shop today!


This small door is located in the wall just to the left of the gift shop door. I read throughout the National Registry description to understand its purpose but could not find anything written about it. I will ask the next time we visit. (another note: sadly, the front brick walkway was under repair during our visit so I used an online stock photo in my featured image)

Happy Thursday Doors to Norm and all the other door fanatics at WordPress. Need a door fix? Click HERE!!!


  1. It’s a great old building with its large plank wooden doors! I could just imagine sitting on that upper balcony on a hot summer day sheltered in among the greenery.
    I’ve never heard of an Ordinary … something new to add to the memory banks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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