Remember my January 12th post featuring my favorite local cupcake shop, sweet haus? I told you they were relocating and yesterday was my first visit to their new location. I needed birthday treats for Mr. E’ville. And guess what? They did take those sweet baker’s doors with them! Many of you asked about them, I looked for them, and there they were, leaning against seperate walls waiting to be mounted somewhere in their new space… sadly I forgot to photograph the left door!20170503_104850

In the upstairs lounge area I found some friends waiting for me!!!20170503_104940

And I couldn’t resist this oldie but goodie holding the coffee condiments.20170503_104859

On my way out of the IX Art Park where sweet haus is now located, my eyes caught this crazy whatchamacallit door….20170504_141422

Just a quickie door fix for this Thursday Door Challenge with Norm and friends. See you all next week with something from Columbus perhaps? Graduating my second Buckeye this weekend♥♥♥

p.s. the cupcakes were delish


♥i appreciate your comments♥

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