A Penchant for Words

Every word is uniquely formed

Letters align just so for our mouths to speak

Although spelled the same way

Two mouths may voice different sounds.

Or the same word may have two meanings.

Or, scrambled and reordered, letters realign for new meaning.

When reading a book I skip nary a word

I taste and swill and swallow them all

For they are the author’s paint that illustrates her story.

How do my words equate to yours?

Languages may differ yet intentions will convey

Like kindness, love, and sympathy.

Words aren’t required to express these feelings

Only a penchant for respect and well being of others.




  1. wonderful and you have some serious word wisdom layered in this post – and it could be used by English teachers.
    and while I agree with “they are the author’s paint that illustrates her story..” (so much)
    I do skim many pieces….
    skip many a word…. oops

    Liked by 1 person

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