Thursday Culpeper Doors

I needed chalk paint. Painting projects were calling to me and I lacked the colors needed  to bring new life to a few old pieces of furniture. So with a girlfriend in tow, we headed off to Culpeper, Virginia which is only a 40 minute drive from Charlottesville…or seemingly 15 minutes if you yack it up the entire time as we did!!! Sadly, I cannot find the chalk paint brand I like to use here in C’ville any longer so I must travel to RVA or Culpeper to purchase. I don’t mind as there is always a door or two worth photographing along the way.

And these are a few I found in the quaint little town of Culpeper:

The red columns were a popular door frame embellishment.


Someone’s perch with a view!




A chalk painted door in the store where I bought my paint, Poppy & Chalk.
More red columns.


Notice the tin roofing above the doorway.

Thank you Norm for gathering us all for another edition of Thursday Doors. Until next time, share the love…



  1. First, thanks for the intro to chalk paint. I’d never heard of it before. Now that I know what it is and what it’s used on, it’s still way too artsy-fartsy for me! I do remember, though, the first time I encountered the phrase “Virginia is for lovers.” It was in the fall of 1975, and is as true today as it was then.❤️

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  2. I’ve never heard of chalk paint … but then again, I’m not particularly artsy or crafty, or handy come to think of it 😉
    How is it different from ‘normal’ paint?

    I like the red columns providing a contrast. It works.


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