Thursday Croatia Doors, part 1

I unpacked my suitcase for the final time yesterday and it now is stowed away in the basement for several weeks. I have been living out of some form of my travel bags since before Memorial Day weekend while galavanting with my girlfriends or family on some fabulous excursions. For the moment I am very happy to fall asleep in my own bed, walk barefoot across my own wood floors (that are in serious need of cleaning btw) and sip my morning coffee listening for the backyard chatter to find its way back to my neglected feeders. But did I have fun while away from E’ville!

Croatia! What can I say except that I fell in love while there, almost every day, with some new thing; Jubilarna coffee, Karlovacko beer, soccer, red-tiled roofs, narrow walkways, and of course doors! Our first stop was Dubrovnik where we walked day and night  throughout the city exploring the nooks and crannies of Old Town and beyond. Beautiful  and interesting doors were plentiful!

The following doors I photographed while walking the Walls of Dubrovnik. With the exception of one, green seems to be the theme for this door series.



A few Croatia kitties we met along the way!

One very tiny door that fit four happy ladies!


The following door is my personal favorite. I visited twice and miss it, and him, very much!


Happy Thursday everyone and thank you Norm for gathering us for another week of Thursday Doors. As Norm is on holiday this week and next, I look forward to what he brings home to share with us in a few weeks.


  1. Dubrovnik is a very photogenic place, and as your lovely post demonstrates, it’s are great place for architectural detail photos. We rented a tiny, garret apartment and spent a week there. It was nice, because we could ramble after the cruise ships left. If you get back that way, Kotor, Montenegro has a similar, but more intimate feel and is another dandy spot for detail photos. BTW, great photo of you and “the girls.” ~James

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    • Thanks for the tip on Kotor. I would love to go back at some point to sit and enjoy a bit longer. Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoying yours very much!


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