Thursday Korčula Doors, part two

I must begin my post with a salute to our blogging friend, Manja, who quickly educated me on the correct spelling of this lovely little island off the Dalmation coast. I sincerely believed I had seen two spellings in print, KorTula as I wrote in my post last week, and Korčula as I now know to be the only spelling. Thank you my friend for reaching out to me. I decided to keep last week’s post intact with an added link to here showing how this E’ville Woman is thankful for her human Slovenian dictionary keeping her on her toes!

And now, more of the Korčula doors I discovered along the stoned streets of this quaint little island resting in the Adriatic Sea. The doorways were quite varied and I wonder could this be due to the businesses and homes intermingling along several of the streets? Some were painted or stained, many appeared old and a few new, I found a few courtyards behind gates, one I featured last week and one here today. The variety presented a perfect day of door exploration and I thank my travel girls for indulging me along the way. ♥



Garden Greens


Iron Works
Marble White


Daisy  Maze


Double Door…look closely.




Say what?

Yes, I KNOW! I could not let this one slip by. As it was siesta, I could only peek inside 20180620_141241.jpgto see what Electric Ladyland offered it’s patrons…I only saw clothing and accessories. With a name like that I wasn’t sure.

I cannot believe I still have more Korčula photos so these I will hold for my final post. Thank you Norm for hosting us all with your weekly Thursday Doors.

On another note, I am thinking about my fellow US east coast friends who are facing the current conditions of Florence as she hits land. May you all remain safe.

Until next time…




  1. wonderful.
    the shadows in pure -LOVE
    the double doors – just fun
    and the “s” in Yesssss was one I could see myself owning – just make that S a P and I could see myself coming down those stairs (in slippers, a robe, and tea) to open the gate and let some friends in… hahah

    wishing you a nice rest of September

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooo, what a lovely shout-out! I’m glad you benefited from my OCD. 😀 This is indeed a lovely island and I’m glad you found and took so many excellent door photos. Electric Ladyland for the win! It brings to mind all those nights spent on Dalmatian islands and peninsulas with the guitar singing our hearts out. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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