Copenhagen Thursday Doors

Early this summer I spent a few hurried hours in Copenhagen with one of my travel girls, Kelly, where we walked, boated, and ate our way through Denmark’s capital city. We saw interesting architecture and colorful boats adorning the canals.

We found Hans Christian Andersen overlooking his castle at Tivoli Gardens.

copenhagen 14

I ate the BEST HOTDOG EVER in Copenhagen…Kelly has the picture of the hotdog stand copenhagen 7so I cannot share this with you.  I’m pretty sure I bought two dogs. OMG, they were delish! We also happened upon the Little Mermaid on a boating adventure around the city whilst I digested my hotdogs…and beer.


And yes, Virginia, there are doors in Copenhagen!


copenhagen 3
Can you appreciate how this door is housed in a rounded end of a building? I agree it is a 10!

copenhagen 11

The iron gate creating this door is not the only pretty feature – look at the wavy tiles above!

copenhagen 9
Several of these warehouse type doors lined this building along one section of the waterway.

And how exciting to bump into the Royal Copenhagen flagship building. This is THE  dream come true for me, collector of tea cups and pots, but sadly, they were closed. I did peek in the windows to drink in the Royal porcelain beauty of the season.


copenhagen 12copenhagen 10

There is much to ponder in this next door photo…wood, glass, marble, squiggles, swags, ferocious lions, two sprocket door knobs, a wheelchair access button in the lower right…really? Up those steps? Oh yes, I see the helpful handles now. And how nice, a soda is there in case you cannot quite make it up the steps. This made no sense to me, but the doors did catch my eye.

copenhagen 13

Rounding out the evening is this final two-in-one door photo. One on land and one on sea.

copenhagen 15

Thanks for cruising through Copenhagen with me, I enjoyed the revisit. For more door fanatic photos, click here to visit Norm and his other followers. Until next time…




  1. Such great doors and I always love to see personal photographs of such an iconic place because we see so many extras! And this last summer – this magazine came in the mail (from Airbnb) of all places – and they covered Copenhagen and it was a wonderful photo and article spread. Anyhow – your post was nice to
    Follow that –
    Wishing you a happy November

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  2. I didn’t realize we did so much in such a short amount of time! Thanks for the post and the fond memory.

    Kelly PS. Thought you might like to have this picture 😊

    Sent from my iPhone


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