Thursday Holiday Door

Happy Thursday to all, post Thanksgiving celebrations and just in time to begin the Christmas holiday season. May your turkeys and cranberry relish be done and trees and mistletoe filling your homes.

I decorated early this year because our house was full of helpful and willing elves. It was wonderful creating the spirit of the season with others wrapped in the jingle bells  alongside me. My daughter hung many of the tree ornaments and afterward, as I admired her work, I found one of my favorites. It is the only one I rehung in the front of the tree where I could see it daily. I’ve shared this with you before and will again.

May all your Christmas Doors open wide and bring glad tidings of comfort and joy.


Thank you Norm for hosting us each Thursday for Thursday Doors! Looking forward to what others will share today…Until next time.


    • Good luck, I can no longer find this. The local shop where I purchased this one is no longer. Have not seen another door ornament, as pretty, since. Hope you do find one!


      • I can’t have a tree this year. My tree is a tiny tabletop one, and Charlie’s kitten would carry it off. But I’ll bet a doll-house builder web site would have some, unfinished, that I could paint and decorate as I pleased. Maybe a bunch of them, to make a wreath. Hmmm…. If I only had the time….

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      • This is a great idea…sorry about the destructo kitten. But how fun to have a little one in the house to love. Missing that right now. Good luck with the doors!


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