Thursday Wedding/Pittsburgh/Church/ Doors

YASSSS!!! A wedding…in Pittsburgh…in a real chuch…and also in a really old German Catholic church! So much to see and do in two days but we went, we saw, and in the end another girlfriend’s child is handed over into the world of wedded bliss.

Here in Charlottesville, families travel from all over for sunset weddings at our celebrated vineyards that sit atop our blue ridged mountains or lush nurseries tucked within the rolling hills of the piedmont. Three weeks ago, about twelve of us left this all behind to drive 20190606_145150.jpgnorthwest for our friends’ daughter’s wedding in historic downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We all were giddy as children when we met up at our hotel on Friday afternoon.  Was it the pleasant spring temperatures and the friendly skyline putting us in such a rowdy mood? Possibly, but most likely we knew it was the beginning of yet another celebration of love and friendship and Uber would be our driver for the next 24 hours!!!

Above all else, I was excited to attend a church wedding. Here at home we tend to celebrate our unions in the beautiful wineries, charming barns, and gorgeous nurseries that are quintessentially Charlottesville and plentiful throughout this area. So witnessing a church wedding felt warm and unique. And guess what? The last church wedding I attended was at Heinz Chapel in Pittsburgh, just a hop, skip, and a jump from where this wedding took place. It felt like going home and speaking of home, Mr. E’ville and I did take time to visit our old North Hills neighborhood to see the house where my son was born, where my daughter became a big sister, and where my family became whole. I do love you Pittsburgh.

And now the doors from my weekend!

St. Paul Main Door



Additional exterior doors of St. Paul Cathedral.





The reception was held at The Priory Grand Hall which originally was St. Mary’s German Catholic Church and Priory built in 1888. It is an event hall today where you can enjoy outdoor receptions in a small courtyard snuggled between the inn and the reception hall. This building was exceptional, and the stained glass from the inside was spectacular! But guess who did not get a photo…



Priory Doors
Bell tower
Stained Glass from outside

The few pictures I took at the reception were blah but I do have just this small hint of the bride and groom to share. Going forward may you both smile as sincerely as you did on this day and may your life be full of all that is good, and rich, and healthy. Thank you A and M for giving me a reason to return for a doorscursion in one of my favorite cities!


If you’d like to see what Norm has collected from his other door fanatics from around the globe, visit here. Until next time…


  1. Any excuse is good for a doorscursion but a wedding in a beautiful old church is just too awesome to pass up.
    Great shots of some lovely doors. The main entrance oak doors are simply grand!

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    • The cathedral inside was massive and equally impressive, as you would image ‘cathedral’ suggests! We as guests honored the bride and grooms wishes and did not photograph the ceremony so I have no photos to share of the magificent beauty of this structure. All churches in my eyes are beautiful, but this one trully stood out and was a stunning back drop for taking of vows. Thank you for commenting and noticing those massive hinges!

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