Thursday RainyDay Doors

So, not much traveling these days has my door cache running empty. In between the raindrops and while running a few errands, I meandered through neighborhoods unfamiliar to me, turning into an intriguing journey! Despite the fact that I was driving slowly through streets with my windows down, creepily seeming to follow the UPS guy just ahead, and pointing my cellphone camera at who-knows-who’s homes, I’d say I had a very productive doorscursion! While ‘researching’ I very fondly remembered a comment made by Joanne Sisco about being bold enough, or not, to walk up to someone’s home and take door photos. We laughed about the many uncomfortable conversations that could arise from being in this position and it was that exchange causing me to create my blogging business card. I always have it on me just in case someone wants to know what the heck I’m doing nosing around their door. I did not need it today as I remained safe in my car.

Here are my favorite doors from today and the ones not obstructed by raindrops or the man in brown.

Although I am a day late to the Thursday Door gathering I thank you Dan for giving us until Saturday to share what we’ve been up to. Until next time…


♥i appreciate your comments♥

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