Thursday Newport Gate Doors, part deux

As I peruse my Newport photos I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything while there. The doors, gates, and entrances dominate this travel album but I am happy to see I did take time to stop and smell the roses…

Who knew, this place is for rent!

Here it is, another Thursday, time to share our door photos with Dan of No Facilities and his loyal followers. I truly look forward to the other participant’s travel doors, neighborhood doors, castle doors, bank doors, forgotten and ghost doors. Thank you all for this travel opportunity without leaving home. Here is my second installment of Newport gate doors, last week iron, this week wooden.

Personalized gate we passed each day while walking puppy.
Always a sunny day for this homeowner!
This gate joined a business and a private residence.
Three doors leading to an alley.
My favorite of the bunch…I wanna live here!
doors open to me
grateful for the peek inside
will keep your secrets.

Thank you all for the visit today, I’m heading over to your doors now. Until next time…


♥i appreciate your comments♥

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