Friend or Foe Update

Several posts back I shared a video of our resident mourning doves who live under our beach house deck. They’ve been with us for three years, even roosting in the garage while the house was under construction. That was actually where we met them for the first time. Our foreman said he would ‘get rid of them’ once the garage doors were placed and I asked him to please gently remove their nest and place it nearby. I don’t know what he did or how he did it but have to believe he took great care with these lovebirds as they are with us still today.

These photos are from our most recent trip down to Holden Beach. When we arrived, the pair took turns on the nest while the other remained nearby on watch. They are the sweetest things to watch and Mr. E’ville and I feel honored they’ve chosen our nest to nest. We’ve read up on mourning doves, their nesting habits, their mating rituals, and how they don’t mind roosting amongst people. Interestingly, they build rather loose, flat, nests that no other bird will find habitable. We’ve noticed this very thing under our deck…it appeared they cobbled their home in 15 minutes or less and not substantial in any way. We also learned they typically have broods of two…this pair had two this season. It was difficult to see the two babies, along with mom and sometimes dad, nestled in their space but they somehow managed the tight squeeze. I regret not having a photo of this to share but I’ve learned to just sit nearby and enjoy them in their environment.

Here are the few photos I captured of our mourning dove family.

enjoying the sunny intracoastal waterway
the babies out for a spin under our deck stairs
resting on the front porch between parenting
mama visiting during our morning coffee

We are grateful for this opportunoty to watch these birds throughout this parenting cycle and I am sad to know they may be elsewhere when we return to Holden at the end of the month. I remain hopeful the pair will soon return when they once more get the urge to grow their family. In summary, I think it is safe to say these two are friends.

goodbye babies!


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