Thursday Wedding Doors #6 #thursdaydoors

Over the Memorial Day weekend we celebrated another wedding, this event taking place at Guilford Farm in Greene, Virginia. Guilford Farm is the original home of the Early family, circa 1790. If you’ve not yet made the connection, the Early family is the namesake of Earlysville, where this E’ville woman resides and what an extra treat to discover this bit of history.

Leading up to this day the weather was a bit questionable but on cue, Mother Nature brought all of her colorful gifts making the afternoon and evening perfect. In addition to a beautiful landscape, Guilford Farm offered up several doors, both at the event space and the Manor Home, where the bridal party was housed for the wedding weekend. Read here for additional information about this wedding venue.

doors leading inside where we gathered to eat, drink, and toast!
the mountain view from the rear doors
looking inside from back patio
so many fragrant, colorful flowers
inviting red door welcoming us into the Early Manor House, circa 1790
inner door between dining room and other rooms
two narrow, stacked doors beside a fireplace
personal favorite, rear stairs leading up to second floor

Guilford Farm was a beautiful place to celebrate the union of C & S. May the sun always shine on you both as it did on this, your first day as Mr. and Mrs. And we moms and dads thank you for giving us another happiness to celebrate!

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, this is what it is to be happy."
 - Sylvia Plath from The Bell Jar
And thank you Dan for hosting us door lovers every Thursday. Jump to Dan Antion at No Facilities for this weeks' Thursday Doors submissions from around the globe. Until next time...


  1. This looks like a wonderful place to get married. Seems like you guys are going for the record number of weddings 🙂

    I love those narrow doors by the fireplace. It’s interesting, I have a similar photo in the doors I posted today, only mine date back to 1795.

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    • Yes, I saw. The one you shared of the probable bar area looks exactly like the space in Michie Tavern here in Charlottesville. It is located down the hill from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. At that smallish counter is where we pay for our meals on the way out. Nice doors today, Dan!

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      • I may have stopped in Michie Tavern, or perhaps it had a different name. A friend and I were interviewing at UVA, him for law school and me for a PhD program in chemistry. This was in 1976. After our meetings, we toured Monticello, and on the way back, we stopped at a tavern as we were going down the hill. I hadn’t thought of that visit in years. (Both of us were accepted, but neither attended – long stories on both sides).

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      • Long stories always good to share over a beer. You two mist likely stopped at Michie Tavern. It originally was built here in E’ville, the historic marker is there but I cannot find it. Anyway, when Monticello was newly opened visitor touring, the Tavern was moved to where it rests today. I wrote blog about these two historical spots several years back but of course, this E’ville Woman has spotty memories!

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