The Lost Art of Communication

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Just in the past few days I’ve had three separate conversations about this very topic of handwriting and communication so how very appropriate this prompt comes across my desk. In discussing this with my husband, we agreed how surprising it is that so few people know how to put together a smoothly written and legible resume.  We are small business owners so periodically there is the need to look through the resumes sent to our office. When this is the first personal representation put forth on one’s behalf, first and best impressions are EVERYTHING. It is the difference between making it into the potential pile and the circular file.

saved lettersThe discussion I had with a friend was about the lost art of handwritten letters. We agreed it does not have to be of any particular length, just simply in one’s own hand including sincere sentiments for the one intended to receive the correspondence.  A little bit goes a long way especially when it comes to taking the time to write a thoughtful note to a friend, family member or loved one. I have two hat boxes that hold those cards and letters sent to me over the years that have stirred or awakened some emotion making them worthy of becoming a keepsake. I don’t know how I’ll ever part with them while I’m still on this earth so the job will be left for someone else. I hope they feel a comforting bond while reading my kept sentiments just as I did while sorting through my mother’s treasured communications after she left us.

My other recent discussion was with my sister who said she heard cursive writing is NO longer being taught in the school system where she lives, the one in which we grew up and were both educated. This was prickly news to me-how do we not teach our children how to write? Cursive writing, albeit formal writing, is necessary on a daily basis. We sign our names to documents, releases, LETTERS, when we spend money if not using cash….I do think I sign my name every day of the week. If we do away with cursive script, how do we formalize our documents with our signatures? I am truly at a loss with this one….Many of my friends are (fabulous) educators so I quickly asked of them if we still teach our young students the art of cursive handwriting. Thank you to one who explained that yes, cursive writing is still included in the state academic standards however its continuance has been debated over the last several years.

Really? Who would debate this? Help me understand…

I am on the defensive of keeping cursive handwriting in our curriculum. What do you think? I hope to hear your thoughts.

My response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”


  1. Shows how the generations change, but I for one, agrees with you that letters are becoming one of the rarest gifts today yet one does not lack value.

    Regarding the education system, I think students still must be taught the cursive handwriting. Yes, children now would rather play in their iPads with their own stylus pens, but they can never take back the fact that learning how to deal with the real stuff is more vital.

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    • Most everyone I know agrees we need to continue with cursive handwriting regardless the trends in technology. I, too, welcome these new technological advances, but more importantly value the authenticity of our personal signature as well as the feeling of a personal note. Thanks for your feedback !

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  2. Denise – I could not agree with you more about the value and sentiment of a handwritten note. I too have quite a collection that I will never be able to part with – especially those sent to me by my husband when he was out to sea with the Navy years ago. If those had been written via a text or email message, they would likely be lost in cyber space now and I would not have them to go back to.

    With regards to cursive handwriting, here’s an article from the NY Times that you might find interesting. There’s more to lose than many probably realize if we discontinue the art of cursive handwriting in our schools.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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    • Thanks Kristen for this very interesting article. I especially find fascinating the information explaining reading/writing in some individuals experiencing dysgraphia or alexia.
      As always, I so respect your opinion. Thanks for weighing in!


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