The Colors Of Fall

In early September, a lone dogwood in our wooded lot boasts one sun bright leaf announcing the coming change. By month’s end,  scarlet fruit will load the tree’s branches complimenting the now turning leaves. Crunching underfoot, green and bronze acorns adorned with leathery caps lie in wait of the squirrels’ mad dash to harvest this bounty. As the aging leaves of summer give way to the drier foliage of fall, their earthy aroma is unmistakable. A mossy, heady sweetness hangs in the air notifying us all to bring out our sweaters and boots, tea and cocoa.

The birds appear more colorful against their fading backdrop; the remaining blue birds shine brighter in the sunshine, the cardinals burn red amidst the scantily dressed branches and even the brown streaked wrens seem polished as they flit along in their nonsensical pattern.

How I love this time of year, season of seasons when it just feels right to slow down a bit, take deeper breaths and observe the colorful changes falling into place.


  1. Hi Dennyho
    I am hosting a quotes challenge for Marsha this week and the theme is fall
    I was wondering if I could use some of this post for my third quote?
    I will link the post and give you credit – and this was exactly what I was looking for to describe the fall vibes (you did it so well)

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