Paramount Doors

Our Paramount Theater first opened it’s doors Thanksgiving Eve 1931. These doors closed in 1974 and did not open again until December 15, 2004. The opening show was the legendary Tony Bennett and I was there. He was spectacular! And the most impressive point in the evening was him standing alone on the stage encircled in a cool white spotlight, no musicians or microphone accompanying him.  Mr. Bennett crooned one of his ballads to demonstrate for the audience the acoustic perfection of our auditorium. He actually called our venue a jewel. I was mesmerized with his performance that night and still find the grandeur of the Paramount quite thrilling each time I enter these doors. Beyond these faceted glass doors lies a jewel, one of many here in historic Charlottesville.

cville paramount doorsparamount historic plaqueparamount blade restored

The 33 ft. Blade sign was reconstructed to match its former electric beauty and was restored December 15, 2014, marking the conclusion to the Paramount’s restoration.

My response to Norm 2.0’s photo challenge, Thursday Doors.


  1. I think more and more attention is being given to preservation and restoration than demolition and replacement. This is a fine example.
    Thirty years is a long time to sit empty … but wonderful that someone had the deep pockets to make it happen.

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    • It was wonderful to watch it re-open. I am not a C’ville native but still enjoyed the hoopla of it all. Tried to find a decent pic or two of it in its hayday but sadly, could not. Thanks for your comments Joann.

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