Daily Prompt: Mistake

We all make them, not one of us is infallible. Some of umistake quote biggest mistake is not making ones walk into them blindly and some of us
willingly make them while simply living life. Some of us admit to the crime and there are those of us who cannot admit to themselves, nevertheless to others, they fell outside the lines of (self perceived) acceptability. It’s been said making mistakes means you tried in the first place.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes in my life…as a child, while a young college student, and later in my professional life. I know I made a bad call (or two) while parenting but the great thing about the wonderful world of parenthood is we constantly get the chance to learn from our kids and make up for ourselves when we over think, over-react, or just plain don’t get it quite right. I’ve certainly made a mistake (or two) in my marriage but again, here there is room for forgiveness if you didn’t make a mistake while picking your partner all those years ago. I did not.

Throughout our everyday walk through life we might take a wrong step leading us in one of two directions: a new, unintended path not previously imagined for ourselves yet we embrace the journey anyway or a new jaunt down an undesirable path leaving us unhinged as we frantically jig and jog to leap back to the planned course we plotted for ourselves. Our individual personalities decide how we react when a mistake finds us. Depending on the day or circumstances we may find we fall into both categories.

Today how will you react to the unexpected mistake? Will you remain steady and rely on your strategic abilities to navigate that unintended path or will you doggedly track your way back to the charted path you created for yourself? Which will bring you peace?

And if I may be so bold,  I believe there is a mistake with this prompt…it should be mistakeS because not one of us makes just one.

My response to the Daily Prompt: Mistake


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