Song A Day, Day 4

Here are the rules for Posting a Song A Day as given to me by Sandra:

  • Post a song a Day for five consecutive days
  • Post what the lyrics mean to you (optional)
  • Post the name of the song and video 
  • Nominate two different bloggers each day of the challenge ♥ I will ask one blogger each day ♥

She is my favorite female singer and who I highlight today. I love her voice, both strong to soft. Seeing this tough, fierce woman perform in person is magical. When I heard this song for the first time I was taken with the simplicity of musical arrangement yet strength in message. To me it speaks of the sensitivity we need to notice and appreciate life, on the smallest of levels, alone and together. I cry each time I hear it, cannot help it and cannot explain it. I also cried when I first entered the Accademia and saw The David. Just a statue standing alone in a room holding court for millions to admire. It’s beauty embraced me…kind of like this song.

P!ink singing “Glitter In The Air”

Here is the album version so you can hear her beautiful voice sans acrobatics.

I now ask Manja if she will join the Post A Song A Day fun. Have a good weekend all.

One comment

  1. Thank you, girl. ❤ I don't like to nominate people. I'll give you my songs here, as of right now, without much thought:
    1. Diamonds and Rust, by Joan Baez:
    2. Bring the Noise, by Anthrax:
    3. Cacciatore nel bosco, by Gigliola Cinquetti:
    4. El Carretero, by Buena Vista Social Club:
    5. Rock El Casbah, by Rachid Taha:


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