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While doing a bit of antiquing in Bath County, VA , we stumbled across this old school building on Sam Snead Highway. Built in 1908, Ashwood School initially served as a high school. It then was converted to an elementary school in 1927 and remained so until 1969. Today it is Ashwood Antiques and within there are books, tables, baby dolls, clothing, furniture, dishware, tools, baskets, perfume bottles, shoes, the original school bell… but what I found most interesting was waiting for me outside the building…



Any guesses?


Just above the metal door of the chute was this plaque…a fire escape slide, circa 1903! After marvelling at my my find (and it is RED ♥) I then wondered how often the kids got to practice their fire drills? Is there anyone out there in Norm’s Thursday Doors who has ever seen anything like this? I am now on the lookout for more of these steel spiral fire escapes.


  1. I’m glad there’s a spiral inside or it would be quite a drop. 🙂 It reminds me of the things set up on construction sites to drop trash into a dumpster at the bottom, although of course there’s no spiral. What a great find.


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  2. A very unique find. This is a first for me. I’m hung up on the spiral part…wondering how many rotations one makes on the way down. I wouldn’t want to come off the slide stumbling dizzy while running from a fire, but I bet it was fun for the kids to do fire drills 🙂

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    • When researching about these I actually was sent to some Canadian sites so I was hoping that someone from our Thursday Door family might have an experience with one of these crazy escapes. I will do more digging to find out more but initially there was
      very little to read about them. Still hoping a reader might weigh in!

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    • I would bet the rather enjoyed flying down that thing! Not the fire part of it, just the slide. Think about how much faster it is to slide than to travel down steps..and it is only from a second story floor. Now, if it were a much taller building I imagine that could get a bit scary. WOOOOSH!


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