Thursday (OnlyInMyFamily) Doors!

As promised last week, I bring you Columbus doors. My son graduated from THE Ohio State University on Sunday so we eagerly drove the seven hours to celebrate his many accomplishments at this great university in this fun town. Unfortunately, all did not go as planned and the only doors I have to share with you are these…20170508_101717

Black clouds followed this E’ville Woman while driving from Earlysville to Columbus! As soon as we reached the hotel I realized the stomach pains I had been experiencing for the past 18 hours were not going away and were indeed intensifying. Mr. E’ville drove me to these doors, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, where I was quickly ushered into the emergency department, room 21 (not my lucky number). Following several rounds of questions and test, I was diagnosed with appendicitis. REALLY? Is this truly happening at 11:00 pm on a Saturday night?

At 1:00 am Sunday morning, in a thankfully not too busy surgery suite, Dr. Danny removed the offending appendix, glued me closed, and told me afterward through my crocodile tears I’d make it to the graduation ceremony. Although my surgeon and team said they would have me ready to launch in time for Andrew’s noon commencement, and they did check with me at 0500 rounds, I declined the offer and instead took the second round of pain meds and antibiotics. BUT…only if they swore they could get me an electronic device to stream the event. And they did.20170507_121302

Thank you nurse Caleb, nurse Michelle, Dr. Danny and everyone else who took such good care of me while respecting the depths of this mother’s love. 20170507_1510461


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  1. Clearly, this was a life is what’s happening while you’re making other plans type of moment! If it had to happen, I’d say you were certainly in the right place when it did, though. However, as the mom of a Trojan (University of Southern Cal) and a proud mid-1970’s USC Band (The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe!) alum and veteran of several Rose Bowls vs. Woody Hayes’ troops, my preference would have been anyplace other than the OSU campus, except possibly Notre Dame, if I happened to be in the Midwest! Sorry, but we all preferred Michigan’s Fight Song, and our director (who is still at it!) was a Michigan Band Alum!

    OSU and USC are both ginormous institutions of higher learning that graduate huge numbers of kids with bachelor’s degrees every late spring/early summer, usually in large outdoor venues that are hot or wet or both! Based on my experience at two such ceremonies in So Cal, both my daughter’s and mine, I’d say the discomfort is probably the only big social part of the ceremony that you missed out on while “suffering” in your air conditioned hotel room. I think we both have a better chance at enjoying a more intimate and comfortable ceremony when our respective children complete grad school. Mine will hopefully someday soon get into a med school somewhere in this country and I might guess that your son eventually wants to go to the dental school your family is standing in front of in one of these pix. Maybe?


    • Hmmm, I hear your point but call me an old fashioned proud mama. I ‘sat through’ my daughter’s graduation two years ago from Ohio State and found it to be quite moving, inspirational, and one of her milestones I was so happy to be present for. To miss one of these important moments in my son’s career makes me sad and I would have much rather been sitting in the chilly Buckeye stadium with family and friends rather than lying in a hospital room streaming the event alone. I look forward to applauding and honoring my kids along their academic/professional careers, and I will get the opportunity to do so in the future. But missing an event is missing an event…you can’t get it back.


  2. Sorry that happened to you…and while traveling no less….and with horrible timing! I’m glad they were able to take care of you and that you were able to live stream the graduation! Congrats on your son’s graduation! 🙂

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    • Thank you! We still have two bottles of champagne to open and celebrate Andrew’s graduation. The time has flown by, I’ve recovered well…but still looking forward to giving him a proper congratulatory toast!

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  3. Not the door you were expecting to go through but thankfully it wasn’t anything more serious than your appendix.
    So glad you were able to make the best of a not-so-great situation and ‘attend’ the ceremony.
    Despite how much we complain about how intrusive it can be, technology sure does have some great uses at times 🙂

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  4. Go, Buckeyes, but sad that you had to go to the emergency room. Happy that you got there in good time and everything went well. As one of my dad’s friends say, “You never know, you know.”


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  5. Oh wow…….so sorry that you missed being at the graduation, but glad you got to stream it into your room…..I guess it is better that they found the problem rather than having your appendix burst during the ceremony……but that would make one heck of an interesting blog! LOL

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    • Yes, knowing I had no alternative but to succumb to the situation I was rather calm about it all. And you are right…to be in that huge stadium with a serious issue would have been mahem. Glad It worked out as it did.


  6. Talk about bad timing! What crushing disappointment for you.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and recovering. Isn’t technology grand that you were able to witness the graduation anyway? 🙂

    I have to say it though – Abercrombie and Fitch Emergency?!!


    • Yeah, me too! Columbus is home to big names like this. Lots of great shopping which OF COURSE I did none of. I did get a pair of ugly yellow socks with skidproof pads on the bottom. hahaha. The entire weekend was a fiasco to be honest. My son’s diploma was lost, blah blah blah. It was a sitcom most definitely!


    • Thanks Judy. No, definitely NOT the doors I was expecting. But I must say, having worked in Columbus years ago and knowing the reputation of this hospital I am certainly glad I made it there and did not have to stop somewhere in between on the road. In and out with little fuss…I’ll take it! I know there is much worse scenarios out there.

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