Thursday Scruffy Doors

Following last weeks Columbus Doors, we travelled to Knoxville, Tennessee, where I ‘recuperated’ from that little appendix episode. We moved our daughter into her new digs where she will transition into her PhD program at UTK. New place meant countless trips to Lowe’s, Target, Home Depot, and various other stores around town. So while we were zipping all about I managed to grab an eclectic group of door photos. 20170518_15221920170517_10293720170518_15233820170514_095725

Below is a photo I took in the Tupelo Honey Cafè. Screened doors created the back wall where we sat.


And this final door photo is from within our daughter’s new place. This ‘scruffy’ feline welcome wagon greeted us our first morning of working. To read more about the meaning of Keep Knoxville Scruffy, read here.


Thank you Norm for hosting another Thursday Door event here at WordPress. If you’d like, you can explore others who share a love of door architecture and decor through this link to Norm’s site.

american flag

Land of the free-Because of the brave. Thank you to all who have and do serve. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!



  1. Welcome to Knoxville, basically my back yard!
    See this post
    for addl info on the Scruffy/Marble/a bunch of other names, both good and not so good by which it is known.

    I’m sure your daughter will enjoy her time on “The Body Farm” and will probably have occasion to visit the UT Archaeology Lab at some point, if she hasn’t already. I found the place, where a tour was arranged through ORICL, a local adult ed institution out of Roane State Community College in Oak Ridge, to be fascinating, as the mother of an archaeologist, with an MS in the subject from Illinois State.

    I know I’m way ahead of myself here, or really way ahead of your daughter, who I would LOVE to recruit, along with my daughter who is now living and working in St. Louis, to present a class to us someday! Meanwhile, if you or your family is ever looking for some fun places to visit when you come out here, let me know and I’ll give you some recommendations. Besides, in a pinch, I could put you up in one of the two small bedrooms where my kids’ old furniture, books, clothes, mementoes, still reside, even if they don’t and never will again!

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    • I am currently visiting daughter in Kville right now! Having fun…she loves working at the FAC (Forensic Anthropology Center), or Body Farm as you referred to. Her work, and that of others is so fascinating and we love hearing their stories.

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      • The world has certainly changed, and opened up many new and previously non-existent opportunities for our children, especially our daughters. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to hear the lessons their experiences teach them about life today, to compare it with our experiences at similar times and places in our lives. That’s the direction I am taking with my memoir.


  2. Forgot to tell you, my grad. was in ’94. Retired 3 three years ago, but since 3 weeks ago I seem to be working again, lol! – not much though. what’s you daughter studying?


  3. Only the second I would call scruffy! The others are well taken care of! Sending of your daughter to college is a mixed thing, you miss her because she’s gone, but at the same time you’re glad for her!
    You asked for the colors and university -It’s so long ago. since I was draped – I believe it’s blue and white – it was the Rosemead School of Psychology. Not that well known, but with a very high success rate. And I have to agree – I felt well prepared to be a doc.


    • Make sure to read about Scruffy Knoxville….it is only a saying. And one I must admit I still can’t quite wrap my head around. And daughter is in her seventh year of college so no more tears, but lots of pride!


    • They hung around for a few days thinking we were the ‘weak link’ in the neighborhood. We weren’t, and they finally left after about three days. We love us some kitties, but daughter cannot start feeding all the Knoxville strays!!! Hoping they found their homes.

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