Thursday Ivy Creek Doors

Whoever coined the phrase ‘what a difference a day makes’ obviously spoke these words in spring, in the south, and I bet following several cool, gloomy, rainy days. In my neck of the woods, lilacs are blooming, birds are nesting, and the periwinkle sky left clouds off the invitation list making it an absolutely perfect day to be outside. On my way home from the gym I took a slight detour into the Ivy Creek Natural Area to quickly check if dogs were allowed within. I thought I could later take my old girl, Emmy, for a gentle stroll along the nicely laid paths where she might explore scents and nature different from her own backyard.

Sadly, I discovered signage indicating no dogs allowed so I owe her an excursion in our neighboring woods. I did get out of my car at Ivy Creek, phone in hand, to capture a few interesting doors waiting at the top of the trails.

The following are the various green barn doors from above.


Door within a door, always a good find!


The uppermost doors of barn front.

One of several animal stalls within the barn.


A small door within the animal stall.
The rustic garage belonging to the private residence on property.
The icing on the cake! He sits atop the barn watching over all the comings and goings.



20180420_112747.jpgNow it’s time to click over to Norm’s Thursday Doors (I’m a day late!) but it is never too late to tour the world of interesting doors served up by bloggers who, like me, never met a door they didn’t photograph! Until next time….


  1. Wow — that barn is ALL doored up! What a rich find! I love that door-in-a-door door, too. With a door behind it, it looks like. That is one doory barn. Possibly the dooriest barn I ever saw. I love the weathered one, too. There’s something so beautiful about weathered wood. Oh, and not to pick nits, but I think that cow is a lady cow. Not that I, you know, spend a lot of time looking at cows’ naughty bits, you know.

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