Thursday Wedding Door


I have a single door today. The night was near perfection…the mountain air clear and crisp as love and laughter enveloped us in our private, twinkling cocoon atop Charlottesville. Another of our babies is married. Congratulations to M and T for letting go and to M and M for jumping off. Salut!


More doors in store if you follow this link to Norm and friends. Until next time…


  1. I’m very late to this party, but as I prepare to see my first born get married in a few weeks, I can imagine how much your heart was bursting with joy and pride! The setting looks very magical indeed! Love 💕

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    • Neither was mine, but the bride is the daughter of a dear friend. All us girls have been friends for years and our kids went to school together. Celebrating these moments together is truly a gift. Wishing you and your family a spectacular day of celebrations Joanne as your very own takes this very big step.

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    • It makes me teary thinking about our children taking these bold steps, but my heart swells with gratitude that I have such terrific girlfriends with whom to share these milestones. Thanks Judy for your vote, we all win when love is in the air….❤

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