Thursday E’ville Doors

Today I took a lazy drive along the back roads of the town where I live. This is what I found on this gorgeous autumn day.

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, circa 1773, is a few miles down the road from my home.

I had to stop for this red door on the red building with red windows.

There really is a door hidden amongst the overgrowth. This I took from my car window. Don’t ask…

This ‘door’ belongs to these guys…

This red door belongs to Mount Olivet United Church located in Dyke, VA.

Rounding a sharp turn I came upon this very inviting porch belonging to Bliss Point Farm and B & B.

I was unable to get close to this barn for a better door photo but look how lovely it is within this setting.

And this little jewel of a building is also close to my home. Mud Dauber Pottery is typically open by appointment but I was hoping to catch her doors open today.

I hope you enjoyed exploring the beautiful country roads of my sleepy little hamlet, Earlysville. She was shining today thanks to cooler weather and sunny skies leading our way. Thank you Norm for calling us door lovers together.Click here if you’d like to see what other Thursday Door worshipers are sharing around the globe.

Until next time…♥


    • I agree with you Norm. We have several old, humble churches around here that inspire one to visit. I actually attended a wedding in the small church in Dyke several years back. Being new to Earlysville we were so lost trying to find it. Yesterday while exploring I laughed when I came across this church realizing how very simple it is to reach. Of course I’ve been here 15 years now!

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