A day like today

On a day like today
my senses ride on the curling breeze
the same one delivering laughter
through the trees.
Random leaves leap from above
twisting and tumbling
toward the ground
where their journeys end.
A stroke of green still remains
painted on branches,
in pots, on my porch
awaiting the final transformation. 

On a day like today
I smell the 
warmth of yesterday
and the chill of tomorrow.
I see the animals
scurrying to line their
autumn nests
and feed winter appetites.
I touch crinkled petals
that once were supple
but now exhausted,
already staging their revivals.

In this quiet time of death
and preparation
I feel hope in renewal, 
excitement in anticipation, 
and peace in my surroundings
On a day like today.


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